These two posters were made during my time at the Community College of Philadelphia for my Graphic Design II course. As a class, we were asked to create a poster, using the words/theme April is Art, for the student art show. I wanted to implement the idea of rain without using actual drops, rather, arranging or manipulating simple shapes to communicate that idea. To add some warm the poster and continuing with theme of April and spring, I thought add sun rays would add warmth and a healthy glow to poster. I wanted the poster to be inviting so I used a rounded typeface, because I believe it has tendency to be more playful and communicate just that.

For the second poster, I wanted to focus on more of a spring theme. I used watercolor because of splash and dripping shape it leaves behind and I added one of my personal photographs of daisy's as an overlay to the green water color splash to play up the sort of delicacy and softness.